Most difficult part is starting up…

We offer a structured approach enabling sidestep many of the common failures entrepreneurs experience. Our intensive program enables decide whether you have something of value or not, in a few weeks.

Problem Solution Fit

Identify a problem or an opportunity. Ideate a product/service for it.

Product Market Fit

Customers positively react to your product or service. It gets traction in the market

Business Model Fit

Figure out how to make money from all this.


This is not a separate stage but something you will do, towards starting out!

Great, if you already have a startup! Let’s scale it.

Scaling can be done in various ways, sometimes involves going back to the drawing board to re-model some aspect of the business. We will workshop with you the best way to achieve this, and, work with you to implement it.

Startups to Australia

We enable startups explore the Australian market. A number of programs exist to do this. Startups need to qualify for these programs. The current program provides benefits as below.


90 day free space provided in one of the co-working spaces in Sydney


Meet with relevant partners, mentors and investors

Business Advice

Attend workshops and other events to get advice on the Australian market

Cross Country Matters

Meet with government, regulatory and other bodies about your startup needs

Startups to India

We enable startups explore the Indian market.

We run 2 cohorts a year, details here. If in case we not currently accepting applications, you can get on our mailing list to be notified of future ones.

Product Market Fit

Assemble a team to work out market entry and product customisation, if required.

Business Model Fit

Guide team to identify best business model to earn revenues.

Entity Structure

Work out details on creating a subsidiary, or, partnering with a local company.

Cross Country Matters

Assist team meet regulatory, government and other bodies to work out startup needs

Some of our open projects

Projects looking for passionate and energetic co-founders are listed below. Aim is to develop a startup with innovative ideas in a structured manner.

“Create the things you wish existed”