Success Criteria

A business is a success only if customers want your product/service. Otherwise you do not have a business! In this case, success is also dependent on how effectively you are able to work in a team and remotely. Success is structured into qualitative & quantitative criteria as below,

Qualitative Criteria

Expectation Setting

Do as you say. If you cannot, for whatever reason, keep others informed.

On Time

Be on time with meetings and activities. Set expectations.

Collaboration & Teamwork

Work effectively in teams showing far greater output than an individual.

Passion & Drive

Lead the way, build the future!

Innovation & Creativity

Come up with creative solutions. Build an innovative business.


Strong communication is key. Articulation to others & well as understanding by self quickly & easily.

Quantitative Criteria

No. of Leads

People interested in your business, down the line. They may convert to users or customers.

No. of Users

Leads who convert to users. Users defined as non-paying customers.

No. of Customers

Leads who convert to paying customers.

Revenue per month

Revenue you have earned so far, and, projections.

Profit Margin

Keeping costs down, while being competitive in pricing.

Total Revenue

Projected revenue in 3 years, along with details on financials.